Discover a lifetime experience and best activities at Burj Al Arab. The Burj Al Arab New Years Eve 2019 promises you a triumph of memories that you will take back home for New Year. The evening of New Year at Burj Al Arab is one of the most awaited for tourists who have seen Dubai closely.

From hotel’s unique architecture to its majestic services, there is every reason to celebrate New Year here. The hotel gets real busy during New Year period and so, you will need to book your reservations beforehand.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai
Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Burj Al Arab New Years Eve 2019: Party, Celebration, Gala Dinner, Fireworks, and More

What to Explore on Burj Al Arab New Years Eve 2019?

Burj Al Arab itself is a major attraction for New Year celebrations. Tourists from all over the world stand in front of its building to see the splendid fireworks. The experience of dining under these fireworks is out of the world. It feels that you have just experience what heaven is like.

The hospitality of the staff is commendable. They offer the best services in terms of customer experience, especially during New Year. Every guest is special to them irrespective of the package you choose. Those who have spent their New Year 2018 will share their unique experience of stay here.

How to Reserve Your Hotel Room

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Food to Relish during Burj Al Arab New Years Eve 2019

The hotel arranges a grand dinner with a range of cuisines and dessert to choose from on New Year’s Eve. This gorgeous sail-shaped hotel has a lot to offer you on your plate. Ensure that you starve a day prior or eat light food if you wish to enjoy the mouthwatering recipes served on New Year.

From a variety of Arab’s authentic cuisine to Modern European dishes, the chefs will leave your taste buds drool for long.

What to do at Burj Al Arab?

  • Enjoy the most epic 12 minute fireworks display from the building. The colors released in the sky makes you feel as if you have landed on another beautiful planet of the Universe.
  • They have a ballroom for you to enjoy music while you dine.
  • Reach a few days prior to Burj Al Arab New Years Eve 2019 and explore the Turtle Rehabilitation center.
  • The hotel also has Wild Wadi Waterpark which is ideal for families with children.
  • Soak your desires in the best shopping galas with some luxury brands as there is so much to take back home.

Places to Explore Nearby

  • Halt at the Glory Art Gallery, which is at a distance of 0.6 km from Burj Al Arab. The gallery also conducts jewelry exhibitions that maybe of interest to you.
  • Fulfill your shopping desires at the Mall of the Emirates. Check out some of the popular brands at the mall and buy some good stuff on the special occasion of New Year.
  • Kids love to stop at Ski Dubai. It’s one of the largest snow parks you will love to tour. Give your children some snow-filled experience just before the New Year begins. Burj Al Arab New Years Eve 2019 is ideal for all those who wish to enjoy every moment till it lasts. Make your plans now.

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Article Title: Burj Al Arab New Years Eve 2019: Party, Celebration, Gala Dinner, Hotel Packages, Deals, Fireworks, and More
Article last re-published on May 23, 2018.

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