Enjoy the spectacular view of New Year during Meydan Dubai New Years Eve 2019. Add a beautiful touch to your memory and welcome the fresh year 2019 on a sparkling note. The hotel property is ideal for partying with friends and family.

As the countdown begins, you would see the excitement and thrill increasing amongst the lovely crowd. Some suites have a beautiful balcony from where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of fireworks and colorful crowd who has gathered to welcome the New Year.

Meydan Dubai
Meydan Dubai

Meydan Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Hotel Deals, Celebration Place, NYE Party and More

What to do on Meydan Dubai New Years Eve 2019?

Families are assured to have a gala time at the property. Make yourself fit by visiting the fitness center and losing some calories before you enter the excitement of New Year and stuff yourself with lip-smacking food. The property has horse racing, saddling paddock, access to the Jockey’s room and more.

Spend some peaceful moments at the Meydan Spa. We bet you would never find this serenity elsewhere. Leave some private time for yourself before you engross in the crowd. Dress yourself to the best as you will be welcoming the New Year with a bash.

Food to Relish during Meydan Dubai New Years Eve 2019:

  • Meydan Dubai New Years Eve 2019 offers you some of the richest flavors and delicious recipes to enjoy. They have a Prime Steakhouse which is a perfect dining experience for all.
  • Enjoy an authentic flavor at the Shiba. It has a dedicated section that specializes in Asian cuisine. The aroma will drive you crazy. Spending New Year Eve with a new taste could be exciting.
  • Begin your evening by munching at Equus Bar. They have an amazing range of salads and sandwiches. The restaurant is near the poolside that adds more thrill of spending the evening with a beautiful crowd.

What to do at Meydan Dubai?

Meydan Dubai New Years Eve 2019 is fun when you have more time in hands and plentiful of activities. Make yourself available for the most happening crowd and music in Dubai. The property has a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. The Track golf course is one of the major highlights of the property.

They also have a racing club and a Tennis court. Enjoy some leisure time with family before the main event begins. You will have plenty of memories to take back home.

Places to Explore Nearby:

  • Meydan Dubai New Years Eve 2019 is all about fireworks, music and crowd. There are many attractions nearby to enjoy too. Before the party at Meydan begins, watch the fireworks in the sky that will begin in the nearby areas.
  • Head to a lounge or reserve a table for a cozy dinner with your loved one. There are many places that have beautiful crowd and extraordinary ambience. A dessert safari party is one of them.
  • Enjoy romantic dining with your loved one under the roof of the sky with colors spreading the sheet of the dark blue sky. Wish you a wishful New Year 2019.

Hotel Reservations

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Article Title: Meydan Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Hotel Deals, Celebration Place, Hotel Packages, NYE Party and More
Article last re-published on May 9, 2018.

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