There are parties and there are parties, the Waldorf Astoria Dubai New Years Eve 2019 is the latter!

If the dialogue reminds you of your favorite movie, this party would remind you of all those best parties that you have attended in your life. There is absolutely no one who doesn’t wish to be a part of this party because what you get here is what you don’t get anywhere else – satisfaction of attending the best party in town!

Waldorf Astoria, Dubai
Waldorf Astoria, Dubai

Waldorf Astoria Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Hotel Deals, Celebration, New Year Party, and More

Offers and Celebrations on Waldorf Astoria Dubai New Years Eve 2019

The hotel is known as the heaven of Dubai; the party of this hotel is known as the brightest star!

With the following offers, you can surely decide whether you want to attend this wonderful party or not:

  • Expect the best offers if you are an AAA member of this hotel.
  • Since this hotel is located on the Palm Jumeirah Island, you experience beach celebrations, which is quite rare in Dubai.
  • This party is a relaxing getaway for all those who want to take a break from their tiring monotonous life.
  • There’s something called ‘Family Fun Package’ for the family people wanting to attend this party.

Food to Relish during Waldorf Astoria Dubai New Years Eve 2019:

Got taste buds?

Explore different cuisines while attending the Waldorf Astoria Dubai New Years Eve 2019. There are different restaurants and lounges for you to explore here. The morning coffee is never served alone; delicious snacks are always there for you to suffice your hunger. The cutest thing is that you keep exploring different menus, even after sufficing your hunger because the never-ending menu is something that excites the foodie in you.

What to do at Waldorf Astoria Dubai?

The first thing that we suggest you to do is explore the cuisines that you have at different restaurants here. The ambience is something we would not want you to miss, ever!

Apart from food, if there is something that you should experience is the spa treatment. If you have been going through a hard time and this party means a lot to you, then you are surely going to get tired. Before you return home, always get the spa treatment done so that you feel rejuvenated and are all set to get back to your normal and ordinary life.

Places to Explore Nearby Waldorf Astoria Dubai:

If you have never experienced being in the Desert Safari, this hotel gives you the chance to do so. Explore the Safari or glance Dubai by air by getting on a hot air balloon. The flight over the sand is filled with an experience that tickles all the emotions that you have in your heart. When you look at the desert below you, there is something more to add to your memories, before you get back to your routine. If the hot air balloon doesn’t excite you, the helicopter tours surely would.

One thing we can say for sure is that the Waldorf Astoria Dubai New Years Eve 2019 party doesn’t let you settle for less!

Where to Get Best Hotel Deal

To get one of the best hotel deals for new year dates, we strongly recommend you to visit this website. However, we suggests you to reserve your hotel room well in advance to get amazing deal.

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Article Title: Waldorf Astoria Dubai New Years Eve 2019 Hotel Deals, Celebration, Hotel Packages, New Year Party, and More
Article last re-published on May 9, 2018.

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